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HBO’s science fiction drama Westworld isn’t just known for its talented cast and philosophical musings about the nature of reality. It’s also become famous for its reveals, from mind-bending bombshells that link two characters to simple pieces of backstory that bring new insight to a storyline. Watching Westworld is like peeling an onion one layer at a time.


That’s why for the show’s second season, I’ll be diving into one particular spoilery revelation from each episode to figure out what it means, how we got here, and where things might go in the episodes to come. Some weeks, it might be a huge plot twist; other weeks, it might be something subtle. Either way, we’re going to spoil the hell out of it. Welcome to the Westworld Spoilers Club.



At the end of Westworld’s first season, the show upended what audiences thought they knew, spinning things off in unexpected new directions. In the season 1 finale, Dolores launched a host uprising, Dr. Robert Ford and the members of the Delos board were slaughtered, and Maeve was upgraded, improved, and headed back into the park to find her daughter. The scope of the series also began to expand with the tease of something audiences would later discover was Shogun World. Where things could go from there was anyone’s guess.

在第一季的结尾,这部剧直接颠覆了观众的想法,将剧情引到了一个新方向。在第一季最后一集,Dolores发动了一场host的起义,Robert Ford博士及Delos董事会的成员都被杀害,而Maeve则被强化并回到了基地寻找女儿。另外部分镜头似乎透露还有一个《 幕府世界( Shogun World)》,所有观众都这么猜。

The season 2 premiere, “Journey Into Night,” picks things up almost immediately thereafter. (Technically, it picks up immediately thereafter, and also two weeks later, and then some 30-plus years beforehand. The creators still love their multiple timelines, after all.) But the episode is a breathtakingly efficient exercise in setting up the various characters and arcs that will no doubt make up the bulk of the second season. Maeve enlists the help of Delos story architect Lee Sizemore and bad-boy host Hector in her quest to find her daughter. Dolores goes on a systematic killing spree as part of her larger plan to take Westworld back then conquer the outside world as well. Bernard pings between multiple timeliness, dealing with his potentially fatal injuries in the aftermath of the host uprising, and then, two weeks later, trying to remember what caused the mass execution of dozens of hosts.

第二季第一集,「Journey Into Night」讲的都第一季结尾随后发生的事情。(严格意义上讲,有的是随后发生的,有的是两周后发生的,有的是三十年前发生的,毕竟我们的导演喜欢多线叙事。)但是这一集非常有效率的向我们展开了多个人物的视角,Maeve 得到了故事设计师 Lee Sizemore 的帮助,坏小子Hector 也应她的帮助去找女儿,Dolores 继续系统性的大屠杀作为她夺回西部世界并进一步征服外部世界的计划。Bernard 在多个时间线跳转,一边在逃亡,另一边两周后的他在努力回忆到底发生了什么事。

The Man in Black, however, is at the center of a brand-new riddle: “What is The Door?” That question isn’t just an echo of the debut season’s focus on “the maze.” It also serves as the first big reveal of the show’s new season — and, like most great Westworld mysteries, that reveal leads to more questions than answers.




About two-thirds of the way through “Journey Into Night,” the Man in Black is making his way across the post-massacre landscape when he meets “Young Ford,” a host that Dr. Robert Ford (Anthony Hopkins) created to represent his childhood self. But Young Ford doesn’t seem to just be a docile, clueless host anymore. He seems to know things about the Man in Black. He calls him by his proper name, William, and references the older man’s hunt for the center of the maze throughout the first season. Young Ford suggests that a new round has started and that the Man in Black has to find something called The Door. “Congratulations, William,” Young Ford says. “This game is meant for you.”

在「Journey Into Night」中,黑衣人大屠杀后四处晃荡,途中遇到了小Ford,他是Dr. Robert Ford制造的机器人,代表童年的自己。小Ford看起来不像一个打酱油的角色,他似乎知道很多黑衣人的秘密。他直呼黑衣人齐名,William,也提到了黑衣人第一季苦苦追寻的迷宫(maze)。小Ford说游戏的新回合开始了,黑衣人要去找的东西是门(The Door)「恭喜你,William」,小Ford说,「游戏是专门为你设计的。」

Dolores may have killed Dr. Ford at the end of season 1, but that doesn’t mean he’s gone forever. The scene makes it very clear that some version of him still exists in the park, in the guise of Young Ford. Actor Oliver Bell plays the child host, but as he talks, his voice frequently glitches out with what sounds like Hopkins’ voice layered underneath it. Of course, the revelation that Dr. Ford still has clues to share doesn’t stop the Man in Black from shooting the child host in the face.

Dolores 在第一季结尾杀了Ford博士,但这并不意味着他就一去不复返了。这一幕充分说明他依旧以某种形式存在着。演员Oliver Bell扮演小Ford,但如他所言,他的声音像出故障一样混杂着Hopkins(老Ford的扮演者)的声音。当然,即便Dr. Ford还有信息没有透露,也不能阻止黑衣人开枪射他一脸。



It’s early in the season, but the revelation that there is at least one Fordbot alive and well — the Man in Black even calls him “Robert” before gunning him down — opens up a number of possibilities. One potential explanation is that Ford set up this new game for the Man in Black before dying and programmed this host to dole out the information to him whenever they happened to cross paths. But that’s not really how the show presents it. If Young Ford were simply doling out information as part of a new narrative (and the host uprising does seem to be part of Ford’s final tale, “Journey Into Night”), it would follow that he’d speak in his own voice, just like every other host has been doing.


But the voice glitching implies something different is happening. It gives the sense that the Young Ford host has been “taken over” by its creator in some way. But exactly how is up in the air, and that will likely be the most important question to answer moving forward on this particular storyline. Is the voice glitching just a bit of inconsistent, stylistic narrative flair? Did Ford program some of himself into the child host for posterity? Or did he somehow leave his own consciousness in the computer systems of Delos, Inc., turning him into a literal deus ex machina?

但是声音的变化说明事情发生了变化。这个场景说明小Ford机器人被本尊「取代了」。这将是这条故事线最重要的问题。声音的变化仅仅是一种无聊的设定吗?还是说Ford将自己的人格写入了小Ford将其作为自己的后代?还是说他把自己的意识留存在了Delos的电脑里,使他成为了某种意义上的机械降神(deus ex machina)?

Another explanation could be that Ford himself is actually still alive. Viewers have speculated that Ford wasn’t killed in the first season’s finale — that what died was a host replicant — but that doesn’t seem to thematically fit with the show’s idea that Dolores’ decision to strike back against her creators was key to her achieving sentience. And just to make it abundantly clear, Bernard and the Delos security team discover Ford’s body in the season 2 premiere. They find his face riddled with maggots. Given what else the episode reveals about the anatomy of hosts’ heads, the discovery leaves little room for doubt: the real Dr. Ford is dead.




But what impact does Ford’s death have on the story? In the first season, the Man in Black was peerless in the park, as a majority shareholder in Delos, Inc., and a 30-year veteran of the park’s adventures. Ford, however, was the one person who seemed to be able to push back. He knew what the Man in Black was capable of, and he was aware of the power he wielded, but he also knew what made him tick, deftly deflecting his inquiries about the maze when they chatted over whiskey back in the first season.


Their strange relationship, and the idea that Ford left behind a new game to challenge William, appears to be at the core of what The Door is. But the vague language Young Ford uses — “The game begins where you end, and it ends where you began” — gives the impression that there’s more than trickery or gamesmanship in play. Audiences already learned last season that a young William visited the park, fell in love with Dolores, and became his darkest, worst self as a result of the revelations that followed. In a way, Westworld itself ruined William and sent him down the path to become the Man in Black. With The Door, the ghost of Ford appears to be saying that the key to victory isn’t to go even deeper down the rabbit hole in pursuit of more violent delights; it’s to get out, much as the hosts themselves are trying to do.


Whether that’s a one-off, posthumous challenge or something greater and more all-encompassing will no doubt be explored in the episodes ahead. But given that show creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy have unofficially titled this season “The Door,” it would certainly seem that the revelation about the game — and Ford’s continued presence — is just the beginning

不管这是一个一次性的,遗作性质的挑战,抑或是一个更伟大的东西,这一集无疑围绕着诸多疑团。不过鉴于该剧主创 Jonathan Nolan 和Lisa Joy 为第二季取了一个非官方的名字「门」,看起来肯定会有更多关于游戏的秘密被揭露——Ford的出现只是一个开始。

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